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Tea Party Activist Threatens to Run Independent, On One Condition

Jeffrey A. Clark is a local tea party activist in Virginia’s 5th District, and he’s threatening to run for Congress in a swing district as an Independent candidate–but only on one condition. If a particular candidate wins the crowded GOP primary, he’ll run, and that candidate is state Senator [read more]

Soloflex Founder/CEO, Jerry Wilson, Progressive for Governor of Oregon: ‘Don’t fence me in’

Posted by Soloflex Founder/CEO, Jerry Wilson, Progressive for Governor of Oregon, at Viva La Revolucion:

I’ve thought for years that the borders of the Americas are not to keep people out but to keep people in – so they can be taxed to death. Whatever [read more]

Latest Florida US Senate Polls Have Crist Up, Excludes Third Party Candidates

The latest poll in the US Senate race in Florida put Independent candidate, and sitting Governor, Charlie Crist ahead. The three way poll, conducted by the St. Petersburg Times, Miami Herald, and Bay News 9, puts Crist ahead with 30%, above the Republican candidate, [read more]

Wayne Root to Guest Host on CBS Radio in Las Vegas

For Immediate Release


Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, best-selling author, and Fox News regular, will guest host this week in [read more]

Mississippi Personhood Amendment Makes Ballot, Has Constitution Party Ties

The Mississippi Personhood Amendment has turned in 130,000 signatures and made it onto the ballot. The Constitutional Amendment process in Mississippi is one of the most difficult in the nation. The initiative will be on the ballot in 2011.

Les Riley, the [read more]

Brian Holtz sends mailing to 1,500 current and former delegates: ’9 Facts LP Delegates Should Know About Ernest Hancock’

Originally posted at Libertarian Intelligence. Although Brian Holtz also writes for IPR, the views expressed are his own. IPR is not endorsing or unendorsing any candidates.

[I sent this letter to 1500 delegates of the current and recent Libertarian national conventions. It invites delegates to view the following videos.]

[read more]

Tom Knapp: ‘Confessions of an Increasingly Skeptical Libertarian Partyarch’

Posted by Tom Knapp at c4ss.org. In addition to writing for IPR and numerous other places, Knapp is: Chair, St. Louis County (Missouri) Libertarian Central Committee; Appointed Libertarian federal officeholder (Selective Service System); Five-time Missouri Libertarian [read more]