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Republican Peg Luksik and Green Mel Packer participate in PA Senate seat debate

The two candidates for US Senate in Pennsylvania who showed up for a recent debate in Pennsylvania were Green Mel Packer and Republican Peg Luksik.  The latter was formerly a Constitution Party member and garnered over 10 percent of the vote as the party’s [read more]

Green state rep. candidate in PA criticizes exclusion from candidate forum, announces participation in an upcoming one

Following his exclusion from a candidate forum in Pennsylvania’s 194th state legislative district, Green Hugh Giordano held a press conference and gave the following speech:

I want to thank everyone for being here today. My name is Hugh Giordano, and I am the Green Party candidate for the 194th District. I am running for the House seat so that I may be the people’s voice in Harrisburg, and not the corporations’.

As you know, and for those of you who don’t know, there is a candidates’ forum tonight. Many of you have been out to the past two forums where I have been invited to be an active part of the debate. Tonight will not be like the past two forums, because I have not been invited to be an active part of the debate.

The organizers of this event have decided not to make this forum like the past two. They have decided — since I am not in the primary election — that you should not be able to hear my platform and positions on the issues. It is important to note that I did not take this decision lightly and tried make a stand that my participation in tonight’s forum is important to the voters and their right to know my positions.

I made my case that it was unfair to invite the “uncontested” Republican, which they had planed on doing, while still excluding me. I received a letter back saying that they agreed with my stance, but instead of inviting me; they decided to just rescind the invitation to the Republican and still keep me out of the forum. The organizers of this debate have decided as of late to just make this for the “Democrats” only.

Although I am disheartened by the decision of the forum’s organizers, I am more upset for the voters tonight. Tonight the voters will not be able to hear a voice that stands by many issues that the Democrats are weak on or just do not stand for.

I am the only candidate that says absolutely, “No to corporate contributions and CEO money.” This is why politics does not work for people, yet corporate greed and profits soar.

I am the only candidate that stands by Single-Payer Healthcare and believes that healthcare is a basic human right. I have made it very clear that I will stand by Kathy Manderino and support HB 1660, which will create a single-payer system in Pennsylvania.

I am the only candidate that says public education cannot be fixed until we can achieve basic goals in our schools — books on the shelves, teachers in the classroom, and after school programs in full effect. How can we fix our schools if we cannot even do the basics?

I am the only candidate tonight who is a true independent. Big business and CEO’s control the Democrats and Republicans, as well as their party bosses. The Democrats and Republicans have failed the citizens of this district and unfortunately tonight, you will only be able to hear the side of the corporations, and not the side of the citizens whom I plan to represent.

I am saddened that tonight’s forum includes only Democratic Party candidates. Please realize, if I had my way I would be up there tonight fighting for you.

Fortunately for him, he has been invited to participate in an upcoming forum being hosted [read more]

Cindy Sheehan releases trailer for documentary on Venezuala, ‘Revolution: A Love Story’

From an email to Cindy Sheehan’s supporters:

A funny thing happened while we have been working away at the documentary of our trip to Venezuela to interview President Hugo Chavez and to bring the truth about him and the Bolivarian Revolution to light–We were so inspired by what we witnessed and our research for the project–that we want our movie to arouse a similar Peaceful grassroots Revolution here to the US.

This is not so far from the original intent of Todos Somos Americanos, (working title), but the project has grown into a love affair with true, vibrant, and relevant change.

If you have already pre-ordered your copy of Todos Somos Americanos–no worries–you will still get your movie as soon as it is finished, just with a different title.

The trailer is below (it has a brief appearance of Cynthia McKinney, the 2008 Green Party candidate for president):

[read more]