Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

AZ Libertarian Barry Hess on Immigration Law: a Step toward a “Police State”

Barry Hess is running for the Libertarian nomination for governor of Arizona.  In a position paper on Arizona’s new immigration enforcement measures, Hess calls SB1070 “anti-rights” and “anti-constitutional,” and criticizes the governor for signing it into law, stating: “The Governor has just given [read more]

GreenChange: The Top Five Reasons for CA To Vote Against Prop 14

Over at GreenChange.org IPR author Dave Schwab has written about the top five reasons why Californians should vote against the Top Two Primary measure on the ballot in November.

Proponents of Top Two, aware that California voters rejected the idea in 2004, have been claiming that Top Two will fix California’s government by reducing partisan gridlock. There is nothing from the experience of the states that use Top Two to support their claims. However, there is ample evidence that Top Two further entrenches incumbents and reduces voter choice. In fact, it’s more than likely that Top Two would reinforce gridlock and entrench the same politicians who created it.

Close consideration shows not only that Top Two won’t work, but also that it is unpopular, undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unnecessary. There are many good election reforms that deserve support, but Proposition 14 is not one of them. Let’s explore the top five reasons for California voters to reject Top Two…

Other websites which have listed reasons for opposition to Prop 14 and ways to get involved [read more]