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Fire Dog Lake ponders endorsing Dennis Spisak (OH Governor, Green)

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Vaughn Stull:

Fire Dog Lake ponders endorsing Dennis Spisak (OH Governor, Green)


FDL, Please Support Dennis Spisak for Ohio Governor
By: El Duderino

I am asking FDL to formally endorse Green [read more]

Libertarian Party blog and Monday Message: Convention, Tea Parties, and Boortz

Via http://www.lp.org/blogs/staff/lp-monday-message-convention-tea-parties-and-boortz and email. IPR Note from Paulie: although this reposting is late as far the April 15 tea parties go, the rest is still relevant, and IMO it is relevant as far as providing a comment-accepting forum [read more]

Austin Cassidy: Charlie Crist’s Best Chance is to Become an ‘Independent Republican’

Excerpted from an editorial in the Jacksonville, Florida Observer by former IPR editor Austin Cassidy:

Charlie Crist made a difficult decision earlier today when he vetoed Senate Bill 6, the Republican-backed measure that would have tied student performance to teacher pay.

The driving force behind the bill was State Senator John Trasher, who serves double-duty as Chairman of the Florida GOP. The veto puts Crist directly at odds with many of his fellow Republicans and has already caused a number of high-profile elected officials to pull their endorsements of his Senate candidacy.

In just about two weeks Crist will face another, even more difficult decision. That’s because April 30th is the deadline for candidates to officially qualify to run for Federal offices.

Crist, who is seeking the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Mel Martinez, has been running for a year as a Republican. During that time he’s seen his fortunes change dramatically — starting out with an astronomical lead over little known challenger Marco Rubio, only to watch it all slip away. Now lagging by about 25% in most Republican primary polls, Crist needed to do something to change the game. And he has, sort of. His veto of SB6 will win him a lot of support from the teachers and their unions.

Unfortunately for Crist, teachers unions are not normally considered a major force in Republican primaries.

Much has been made over the past few months about the possibility that the Governor might “go rogue” and instead run for the Senate without a party, allowing him to skip the primary with Rubio and advance straight to the general election.

A Quinnipiac poll released today shows that if the governor ran as an independent, he would win 32 percent to Rubio’s 30 percent and Democrat Kendrick Meek’s 24 percent.

Crist’s campaign has flatly denied that he would leave the Republican Party as recently as early April. He seemed very clear on the subject when pressured for an answer during a nationally-televised Fox News debate last month in which he was widely quoted as having put the rumors to rest. “I’m running as a Republican,” the governor told debate-moderator Chris Wallace.

Going back on his word would give the Rubio campaign one more clip to be used in a negative ad highlighting Crist’s history of changing his mind on issues.

But maybe the governor can do both. Maybe he can “run as a Republican” and still by-pass the Republican primary in August.

If Crist intends to continue his campaign outside of the primary, his best strategy now would be to file the paperwork needed to create an entity called the Independent Republican Party. Doing so would allow him to continue to campaign with the Republican label, letting him put “Independent Republican” on every yard sign, bumper sticker and piece of direct mail that his campaign circulates.

Read the rest at [read more]

Libertarian Cooper, Independent Narcisse to Speak to Iowa Taxpayer Group

Emailed by Steve H. to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

The Libertarian candidate for Iowa governor, Dr. Eric Cooper, has been confirmed as a speaker at Iowa Taxpayer’s Day, an annual event hosted by Iowans for Tax Relief on April 17. [read more]

Brian Irving: North Carolina Libertarians offer prescription for disease of big government

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Brian Irving; also posted at examiner.com:

There is a disease spreading in North Carolina and the country and health care reform is not the cure but one of the symptoms, the chair of the North Carolina [read more]

Free and Equal: ‘Protecting the Privacy Rights of Petition Signers’

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Do petition signers have a constitutional right to keep their names undisclosed? Or should their support of various initiatives be made public? Without a doubt, keep the names private.

Currently before the [read more]

Florida Whig Party: First federal Whig Party candidate on the ballot in the United States since the 1850s

Press release emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Ocala, Florida (Thursday April 15, 2009) – Craig Porter of Miami made history on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 by becoming the first Whig to be qualified as a candidate for federal office since the [read more]