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Florida Libertarian Party County Chair: ‘Libertarian Party was the original ‘tea party”

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From a letter to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times:

The Libertarian Party was the original “tea party” founded in 1971. We have always stood for constitutionally limited government, [read more]

LibertarianBlue blog reports on New York gubernatorial candidates Carl Paladino, Steve Levy, Kristin Davis and Warren Redlich

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Carl Paladino: Just another opportunist

Well another wolf in sheep’s clothing has been exposed. Tea Party Candidate for New York Governor Carl Paladino isn’t the a savior he and his supporters are [read more]

Ernest Hancock explains reasons for running for Libertarian National Committee Chair in LP News

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The renaissance of libertarian philosophy has produced the hoped for
revolution in the minds of America’s youth, and libertarianism has
reentered American politics.

In the past, the LPUS served as a ‘Liberty [read more]

Socialists See Opportunity and Opening in Present State of Democratic-Republican Party Government

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From a letter to the editor of the Socialist Webzine:

I’m a new kid on the block, just joined the Party the other day. But I’ve been thinking about socialism as an alternative to whatever you [read more]

California: Socialist/Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for Governor Opposes Prop 14

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From the Philly IMC, on Stewart Alexander, Socialist and PFP candidate for governor:

The official summary of Proposition 14 to appear on the California ballot was prepared by California [read more]

Missouri: Constitution Party Candidate for Senate Releases Campaign Video

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Via the Constitution Party discussion forum:

Greetings patriots and friends,
I have just finished my first campaign video and it is now posted on YouTube and my website: http://www.SimmonsforUSSenate.com please click on the following link if you are [read more]

Liberty Maven: ‘Ron Paul w/ Jesse Ventura on CNN’s Libertarian Larry King Live’

Posted by Marc Gallagher at libertymaven.com. Note for IPR: Jesse Ventura was elected and served as a Reform Party Governor of Minnesota, and Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nominee in 1988. Paul continues to support [read more]