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Green Party activist Ian Wilder comments on Kucinich and health care

My co-blogger, Ian Wilder, posted this at onthewilderside.com:

Ewe Sheep by George Gastin

Ewe Sheep by George Gastin

Is Kucinich just herding sheep to slaughter?

IW: While faux progressive sites like Daily Kos and MoveOn have threatened Kucinich for not voting for the toothless health insurance bill, independent media site like Black Agenda Report and Democracy Now! have lobbed softballs his way. Even Nader refused to directly criticize Kucinich in his roll in mollifying a potential break away of progressives from the Democratic party over the Afghanistan/Iraq Wars and Health Care Reform. We need leaders who not afraid to speak truth to power, even when it’s their friends. We need a political party that is willing to stand up for the best interests of the voter, not defense contractors and insurance companies. And where is a real voice that is not afraid to speak truth to power like Cynthia McKinney? Is leaving her out part of Democracy Now’s continual policy of marginalizing the Green Party?

Black Agenda Report came to the only conclusion possible:

And it was a defining moment for those who believe there is anything politically worthwhile that can be accomplished within the structures of the Democratic Party, now firmly controlled by its corporate wing. There is nothing for a true progressive to do in Obama’s Democratic Party, but shut up, and roll over.

But hasn’t that really been true for a long while. Hasn’t the so-called progressive wing of the Democratic Party just been “sound and fury signifying nothing”. Where were they during the last Democratic convention? Where were the calls for ending the wars and single-payer healthcare to be put in the Democratic Party platform? Not a people was heard from these so-called progressives. Where have the the calls for the Congressional Budget Office to run the numbers on single-payer healthcare so we could all see how it would save our economy money? Not one of these so-called Pregressive Democratic Congressmen dared cross that line? [read more]