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Libertarian Party Monday Message: Over 30,000 10-cent Libertarian stickers ordered. Get yours!


Dear Friend of Liberty,
Last week we offered a great deal on bumper stickers. As of 11:00 this morning, over 300 people have responded and ordered 30,458 stickers!
The offer expires this Thursday, February 11, so I’m repeating the original message below for your [read more]

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein argues for debate inclusion on WGBH

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Jill Stein and Emily Rooney Debate Third Party Inclusion

Jill Stein of the Green-Rainbow Party crossed swords with talk show host Emily Rooney, who opposes third party inclusion in debates. This interview [read more]

Mike Gravel to speak in Indiana, on radio program available worldwide

Former Democratic Senator and candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination Mike Gravel will be speaking at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana on February 15.  Afterward, he will be interviewed on a radio program in the area that is also broadcast live [read more]

‘Manhattan Madam’ after Libertarian nomination for NY Governor, faces nomination competition

Metro.US reports:

Forget David Paterson, Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio.

Kristin Davis, the “Manhattan Madam” who allegedly set up the love connections between disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and call girls, is running for the top seat in Albany with the backing of Roger Stone, a GOP operative with a reputation for outlandish behavior and dirty tricks. The Daily News reported the piece of salacious politics yesterday. At the Libertarian party convention, Davis branded herself as someone who built a multimillion-dollar business from the ground up, the paper reported.

Stone, who has taken credit for tipping off the FBI to Spitzer’s penchant for hookers, told the Daily News’ Rush & Molloy that he may hire some Penthouse Pets, get them notary licenses and have them collect signatures in Grand Central to get Davis on the ballot.

Warren Redlich is also running for the LP nomination for Governor of NY.

In the past, “celebrity” candidates such as Howard Stern and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld have also sought the NY LP gubernatorial nomination. [read more]

Latest Bob Barr columns

At the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

DNA database bill should be deep-sixed
6:00 am February 8, 2010, by Bob Barr

A few years back, I hosted a nationally-syndicated radio program, modestly called “Bob Barr’s Laws of the Universe.” One of the laws most frequently cited during the three [read more]

Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein to launch campaign for MA governor in Boston, Mon. 2/8

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch

From the Metrowest Daily News:

BOSTON — Dr. Jill Stein of Wayland will declare her candidacy for governor of Massachusetts on Monday, Feb. 8 at a rally in front of the [read more]