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The Green Party of New York State’s response to the Governor’s State of the State Speech

On January 6, 2010, New York’s Governor David Paterson, a Democrat, gave a State of the State speech. The Green Party of New York responded in a press release which calls Governor Paterson’s response to New York’s ongoing economic and political crisis inadequate. [read more]

Update on Roy Srp

Posted on the Independence Party of Minnesota website

Srp Website is up. Check it out!

by Laura Kundsen

Mayor Roy Srp’s Senate District 26 special election website is up and running. The election is just four weeks away on January 26th. WIth your support, this is the start of a ground breaking year for the Independence [read more]

Ted Weill, Reform Party Presidential Nominee in 2008, Died on November 20, 2009

From Ballot Access News:

Ballot Access News has just learned that Ted Weill died on November 20, 2009, age 84. He was the 2008 presidential nominee of the Reform Party, although he only appeared on the ballot of his home state of Mississippi. He had been a leader [read more]

Anybody’s Game: Utah’s Independent Candidates for Congress 2010

Though it is considered a Republican Party stronghold, the state of Utah is noteworthy for its high percentage of registered independents, who constitute a majority of registered voters. As Richard Winger reported at Ballot Access News last year:

The Utah state elections office has released a registration tally. The results: Republican 589,326; Democratic 132,011; Libertarian 3,181; Constitution 2,203; independent and other, 772,997. The percentages are: Republican 39.30%; Democratic 8.80%; Libertarian .21%; Constitution .15%; independent and other 51.54%.

This year’s electoral contest in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District will put its independents to the test. The [read more]

Georgia Libertarian Polls 9.14% for State Senate in 4-Candidate Race

Ballot Access News:

On January 5, Georgia held a special election to fill the vacant State Senate seat, 22nd district. Georgia special elections put party labels on the ballot, but parties don’t have nominees. Individuals file by paying a filing fee, but no [read more]

Libertarian Party blog: Joe Kennedy appears on 96.9 “Boston Talks” radio show

Posted at LP blog:

Libertarian Party candidate Joe Kennedy was recently on a radio debate on 96.9 "Boston Talks" radio show.  He is contending for the late Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat in a special election that will be held on January 19th, 2010.
You can view the video of [read more]