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Socialist Workers candidates hold rally in New York City

Socialist Workers Party candidates in New York City held a campaign rally on health care, the economy, and foreign policy issues on September 11, The Militant reports. Mayoral candidate Dan Fein “spoke about why the economic depression is not ending but just beginning” and [read more]

Texas Libertarians on statewide recruitment tour

The Kerrville Daily Times of Texas reports, “Libertarian Party of Texas officials, currently on a three-month, 24-city recruitment tour,” visited Kerrville on Saturday “to garner local candidates and support prior to the 2010 elections.” The state LP is running a “four-part [read more]

PSL: U.S.-supported Pakistani military tortures, murders

By: Enrique Vasquez

As Pakistan’s government continues its full-scale offensive in the northwest of the country, there have been reports of hundreds of bodies dumped on the streets. Bodies have been found with torture marks and a bullet to [read more]

Wayne Root’s ‘Conscience of a Libertarian’ Endorsed by Judge Andrew Napolitano of FOX News Channel and FOX News Radio

Posted at RootForAmerica.com:

“Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) means business. In “The Conscience of a Libertarian,” he is declaring WAR on big government, big spending, big taxes, big unions, big business, arrogant career politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, [read more]

Joe Kennedy declares for US Senate in Massachusetts

As previously reported at IPR, Joe Kennedy was looking at running for US Senate in Massachusetts, and he has now declared:

My name is Joe Kennedy and I am running as an Independent to fill the open Senate seat for the State of Massachusetts in the special election. I have created this site to inform you of my views and to garner your support. I am not a politician, however I am well versed in many of the political issues which we face today. I firmly believe we need more individuals to take an active role in government as the average politician seems to have lost their understanding of what life outside politics is like. I think the most important role of a politician is to listen to the citizens they represent and make sure that view point is accurately echoed in the decisions made in Washington. I know that is not happening today as many of our politicians are turning a deaf ear to the wishes of the average citizen.

You will find that my views are closely aligned with the Libertarian party, but I think it is important to let you understand my opinions on all the topics and let you judge for yourself how I will represent the people from Massachusetts. I am posting my opinions on the major issues facing our Federal Government in the Issues section listed above. Please take your time to read them. It is very important that we as a nation not vote for a person, but the set of beliefs that person will bring to Washington to represent our fellow citizens. If we don’t, we will continue to get more of the same representation.

As I am an average citizen I do not have a campaign fund, nor the ability to obtain the required signatures to get on the ballot. I greatly appreciate any donations you can make to my campaign committee and any signatures you can obtain for me from other registered voters in your community. To donate, simply click the donate button at the top of the screen. To collect signatures for me, please click here or on the Volunteer tab above.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to working for you.

Joe Kennedy

On the website he also explains,

The Kennedy Name

To preempt any potential confusion caused by my name, I claim no relation to the family or relatives of President John F. Kennedy. The surname Kennedy is very common in Massachusetts to the extent that I have encountered a number of people with the name Joe Kennedy over the years.

Additionally I have waited to ensure that no one from the family of John F. Kennedy was going to run for the position previously held by Edward Kennedy. Only with Joseph P Kennedy’s validation that he is not going to run would I even consider my own candidacy for office. Their family has a proud heritage in politics which I believe should be allowed to continue, if they so desire. I say this not to diminish my conviction for the position, but out of respect for the work and the great contributions their family has made to American politics.


made my initial decision to run for Senate in February of this year (2009) with my original objective being to run in 2012. My assumption as well as the assumption of my advisors was that the Senator would retire in 2012 giving me the opportunity to run for office. Given the strong voting history of the people of Massachusetts, I did not believe I would be able to defeat an incumbent thus my decision to wait for someone to retire.

My immediate concerns regarding government lie more on the Federal level than at the State level which is why I am aiming for a position in the Federal Government. As this would be a large personal change and require a firm commitment to public service, I made the decision early that I were make such a change, I would prefer to do it for 6 years (as a Senator) and not for 2 (as a Congressman).

[read more]

Constitution Day Message From Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer

Posted at http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=1082:

On September 17, 1787 the U.S. Constitution was signed by 39 brave patriots who changed the course of history. Their commitment to freedom birthed a form of government designed to secure liberty. Never before was such a bold and [read more]

Massachusetts Libertarians Win Presidential Substitution Case in U.S. District Court

Ballot Access News:

On September 18, the Massachusetts Libertarian Party won its 2008 case on presidential substitution. The decision was not surprising, because the same court had granted injunctive relief last year. The issue is whether an unqualified party can [read more]

Oregon Peace Party Changes Its Name to Progressive Party

Ballot Access News reports:

The Peace Party became a ballot-qualified party in 2008 in Oregon. It was formed for the purpose of placing Ralph Nader on the ballot in Oregon. At the time, it was significantly easier to qualify a new party in Oregon than to get [read more]