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The Modern Whig Party’s first elected official weighs in on his connections to the party

Last November, when the Modern Whig Party was claiming to have elected its first person, IPR wrote this:

The Modern Whig Party – which seeks to cater to disenchanted Democrats and Republicans – has announced that it has its first win under its belt only months after forming. It is unclear from the press releasewhether he ran for office under the Modern Whig banner or not, but according to a commenter he ran as a Democrat.

Recently, Ken Belcher, the man in question, posted a comment [read more]

Papa John Kolstad, IRV and Pizza

While the mainstream news reports on Papa John’s pizza, and its founder’s retrieved Camaro, the political world has been percolating the story about a unique, independent candidate running for Mayor of Minneapolis, who happens to be called “Papa John.” He will be running on the ballot name “Independent Civic Leader”. Papa John Kolstad — and ten of his electoral opponents — will be running under the Instant Runoff system (IRV). [read more]

Tom Knapp on Cannabis Science, Inc. controversy: ‘Depends on what the meaning of “owns” is’

Several of the former members of the Cannabis Science, Inc. board of directors are former candidates for the Libertarian Party presidential and vice presidential nominations and/or members of the Libertarian National Committee. The author of the article, Tom Knapp, is a candidate for [read more]

Record number of Green Party candidates run in 2009 elections


For Immediate Release:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614, +/1+/
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, +/2+/

Green campaigns to watch in 2009; Elections page: http://www.gp.org/candidates/index.php

WASHINGTON, DC — A record number of Green Party candidates are running for public office throughout the US, with many campaigning for reelection along with fresh new Green faces.

146 Green Party candidates have announced runs in local and state races, about a dozen more than at this point in 2005 (like 2009, the first year after a presidential election) and nearly 50 more than at this point in 2007.

Some races to watch:

Cam Gordon is seeking reelection to the Minneapolis City Council, Ward 2, in Minnesota (http://www.camgordon.org). Mr. Gordon has earned the endorsement of his local Green Party, a local Sierra Club chapter, the Minnesota Nurses Association, and other area unions.

In his first term Mr. Gordon led the effort to enact Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis for the first time this fall. He pushed the Council to redefine youth violence as a public health issue and draft a widely acclaimed and successful Youth Violence Prevention Plan. As Vice Chair of the Health Energy and Environment Committee he helped set the City’s first environmental purchasing policy, require new city buildings to be LEED compliant, and led the Council on a new Homegrown Minneapolis initiative to get residents eating and producing more local food. Mr. Gordon also worked to repeal the city’s racist, classist ‘lurking’ ordinance; authored several renters’ rights ordinances; and created the Equity in Employment Work Group to help eliminate racial disparities in employment and poverty.

Also in Minneapolis: Annie Young is running for re-election to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (http://www.annieyoung.net). Ms. Young has served on the [read more]