Daily Archives: August 25, 2009

Chris Daggett: Mystery spoiler

A game of political hot potato is going on in New Jersey between the two major party gubernatorial candidates, with independent Chris Daggett playing the part of the potato. Originally seen as a “spoiler” candidate who would appeal to voters who typically favor Republicans, an endorsement from the Sierra Club is changing that. [read more]

Illinois Green candidate for state representative holding ‘campaign kickoff event’ tonight

Jeremy Karpen ran for state representative in Illinois’ 39th district in 2008 and received 21% of the vote. Tonight at 8 PM he will be announcing his candidacy for the same seat in 2010. The event will include speakers and three bands. [read more]

Mayor candidate Naked Cowboy receives press in Canada

The Naked Cowboy [Robert Burck] is among several independent and third party candidates who submitted petitions to run for Mayor of New York City in November 2009. “I’m already mayor,” the Naked Cowboy said. “I’ve been in Times Square for 10 years representing the city of New York around the world…” By the deadline of August 27th, all of the candidates who filed as independent or third party candidates (unless they are in parties with primaries) should know if they are on the ballot. [read more]

Ferguson leaves post as Libertarian Party Communications Director

Donny Ferguson has left his position as Director of Communications for the national Libertarian Party after eight months. This is the latest big staff change for the LP this summer, following the arrival of new Executive Director Wes Benedict and the departure of [read more]