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Libertarians say: Government (Regulation) Kills!

Ever since the first licensing laws were passed well over a century ago, healthcare in America has not been part of a free market. Those laws were passed with pressure from one group of medical professionals to give them protection from competition. The laws had little to do with protecting patients’ health, and nothing to do with protecting their freedom to choose among medical practitioners. [read more]

Socialist Party USA comments on events in Honduras, Iran

From The Socialist Webzine

In Solidarity with the People of Honduras

by the SPUSA National Action Committee July 7, 2009 – The Socialist Party USA condemns the coup recently carried out in Honduras by the military and backed by a section of the Honduran elite. We call for the [read more]

Libertarian Wendy Jones running for Delaware State Senate in August 3rd special election

Posted by Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian:

From Jim Rash, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware:

The Libertarian Party of Delaware is proud to announce that Gwendolyn (Wendy) Jones will run for the 19th Senate District in the special election to be held August 3rd on the Libertarian Party ticket. Wendy is looking forward to representing the people of the 19th District and bringing a new spirit of liberty to Legislative Hall.

An active member of the Libertarian Party for almost 20 years, Wendy is a member of the LPD Executive Committee and currently serves as the LPD Sussex County Secretary. She is a strong supporter of individual rights and, as a long time small business owner, will work to restore free-market entrepreneurship, creating jobs for Delawareans. Her support of the Second Amendment is evidenced by being an NRA member for about 25 years, currently holding a Life-Endowment level membership. She is also a Gun Owners of America member and she is the Delaware representative for Pink Pistols. She carries a well worn copy of the U.S. Constitution which will be her guide in Dover.

A Milton resident since 2001, Wendy has spent her spare time giving back to her community, mentoring at H.O. Brittingham Elementary School in Milton, and she is currently donating her professional driving services for Sussex County Mobility Consortium.

Wendy’s official campaign site [still somewhat skeletal] is here. Note to Wendy and Brian: first priority, frankly, is to get that donation page up. Knowing it will pale by comparison to the Demopublicans and [read more]