Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

Libertarian and Green Party Leaders Will Testify in D.C. Omnibus Election Bill Hearing

The D.C. city council Committee on Government Operations will be holding a hearing on Monday, on the “Omnibus Election Reform Act of 2009,” which strengthens ballot access laws. Libertarian Party national chair Bill Redpath and Green Party Political Director [read more]

New York City Petitioning Begins for Alternative Parties

Article at Ballot Access News:

July 7 was the first day in which it was possible to circulate petitions for minor party and independent candidates for New York city office. The Green Party is running Rev. Billy Talen for Mayor; the Party for Socialism and Liberation is running Frances Villar for Mayor; and the Socialist Workers Party is running Dan Fein for Mayor.

The SWP also has candidates for Public Advocate and Manhatten Borough President. The Green Party also has a candidate for City Council. Whereas offices voted on by the city as a whole need 7,500 valid signatures, candidates for City Council need 2,700, which is proportionately much more difficult. See this story about the Green Party’s petition for David Pechefsky for council:


In the comments on the article at BAN, Mike Drucker says he has been collecting signatures for Mayor Bloomberg; former Libertarian Party national political director and current Free and Equal employee Sean Haugh links his name [read more]

Investment guru reflects on Libertarian Party, Republican Party, and third party history

Timothy Lutts, a well-known name in the world of investment advisory services, writes commentary on the history of third parties, the weakened condition of the Republican Party, and the possibility that the Libertarian Party could grow in coming years. [read more]