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New Mexico Secretary of State rules on minor parties

The New Mexico Secretary of State rules that the following are qualified parties: Independent Party and Constitution Party. She ruled that the Green Party and Libertarian Party are not ballot-qualified in New Mexico. Ballot Access News suggests that it may be that the Green Party should have met the criteria for ballot-qualified party. [read more]

Modern Whigs in the news

The Modern Whig Party has recently been covered by the News and Observer in North Carolina and online at the Instapundit, a right wing blog.  At the News and Observer, it was in a Sunday Op-Ed piece by Rob Christensen:

I thought, what next — horse-drawn carriages, hoop skirts, war with Mexico?

But my curiosity was piqued, in part, because I am reading “American Lion,” Jon Meacham’s biography of Andrew Jackson, and I am immersed in the age of Whiggery.

Moore, it turns out, is on the level. He is a 26-year-old Raleigh golf pro, an N.C. State graduate originally from Carteret County. A self-described moderate, Moore was not comfortable with either the Democratic or Republican parties.

Last fall, Moore met with friends at Raleigh’s North Regional Library on Harps Mill Road.

“We were talking about the general dissatisfaction with the way the two-party system is working out overall,” he said. “Basically, the same two points of view are continuously heard. I started looking around and found the Whig Party Web site.”

The national New Whig Party, as it calls itself, was started in the most unlikely of locations — the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan by U.S. troops.

The party’s chief founder is Mike Lebowitz, who saw the need for a new party while serving as a paratrooper in Iraq.

“We saw how ideology on both sides was getting in the way of common sense,” Lebowitz, 31, a Washington attorney, told me.

H/T to Fred Ralson, who sent this into [read more]