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Tax Day ‘Tea Party’ Astrology: Mars conjunct Uranus

Astrologer Jude Cowell writes in Stars Over Washington:

Across America this April 15 ‘Tax Day Tea Party’ rallies are being staged at town halls and state capital buildings (most are at noon) to protest spendthrift deficit government spending – some sources say ‘stimulus package’ also which in my book has to include the Bush administration – and massive bailouts (which definitely include the Bush administration.)

Over taxation is an allied issue as well but this may be where people like Newt Gingrich show their hands because the rich fear financing the poor and needy.

Now I’m Jill-come-lately to looking at Astrology charts of these events but you don’t have to look for long to be aware that April 15, 2009 is the day of the cyclic conjunction of Mars and Uranus, together the revolutionary pair.

Not surprisingly, “a new American revolution” is a phrase being bandied about concerning 2009′s ‘Tax Day Tea Party’ and, of course, Mars and Uranus form a wide conjunction in Gemini in the US natal chart of 1776 (8 and 22 Gemini.)

The article later goes on to say, [read more]

Mayor Bloomberg seeks the Working Families Party nomination in re-election bid

A truly trans-partisan man, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has moved from being a registered Republican to an independent while in office, and has ran on the Republican, Independence, and Liberal Party ballot lines.  Now he is seeking the nomination of the Working Families Party, which usually cross-nominates Democrats [read more]

Green California mayor pushes for green building requirements

The city of Richmond, California is on its way toward passing a law that would require any new construction to meet a minimum threshhold of environmental friendliness.  The city of over 100,000 is the largest in the country to have a Green Party mayor, and [read more]