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Florida bill to impose filing fees on write-in candidates

Ballot Access News:

Florida State Senator Fredericka Wilson (D-Miami) has introduced SB 230, to impose filing fees on declared write-in candidates. The Florida legislature does not convene until March, but bills are being introduced now. According to an assistant to Senator Wilson, the Wilson office did not know that courts have struck down filing fees for declared write-in candidates in other states (Maryland, West Virginia, and California). This information conceivably could mean that Senator Wilson will not advance the bill once the legislature convenes.

Following a record write-in vote for candidates such as Roy Moore, Loretta Nall and Charles Barkley in the 2006 Governor’s race, Alabama poll workers proposed charging write-in candidates to have their votes counted. [read more]

Presidential nomination candidate Tom Knapp announces ‘Libertarian Shadow Cabinet,’ appoints three

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POC Thomas L. Knapp

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 23 — As President Barack Obama completes his administration’s move into the White House and his cabinet appointees take their posts, the libertarian opposition gave American life today to a longstanding British tradition — the “shadow cabinet.”

“In the United Kingdom, the political party not in power normally appoints ’shadow ministers’ to speak to issues of public policy,” says Thomas L. Knapp, a candidate for the 2012 presidential nominations of two US libertarian parties. “Shadow cabinets serve two useful purposes — they show the public how the opposition would govern, and they prepare that opposition to eventually administer the offices they’ve shadowed.”

Knapp named the first three appointees, all long-time libertarian activists with experience in the relevant policy areas, to the Libertarian Shadow Cabinet today:

|#0|#Secretary of Defense: Captain Charles Wilhoit (USN-Ret) of Tennessee. Captain Wilhoit’s naval career spanned WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He graduated the US Naval Academy in June of 1945 (Class [read more]

Constitution Party: Obama to immediately abolish Mexico City policy, likely fund embryo research, aides confirm

by Kathleen Gilbert
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WASHINGTON, D.C., January 20, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In the hours before Mr. Obama was to take the oath of office, anonymous reports confirmed [read more]

Israeli High Court restores ballot access to two Arab parties

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On January 21, the Israeli High Court of Justice restored two political parties to the ballot for the upcoming national elections. See this story. The two parties, United Arab List-Ta’al and Balad, had earlier been banned from the ballot because they advocate separation of church and state.

About 40% of the population of Israel is Arab, and the Arab population is growing faster than the Jewish population of Israel. [read more]