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Mark Rutherford: Merry Christmas – and thanks to our elected Libertarians

Posted at Mark W. Rutherford’s Electing Libertarians

Merry Christmas and thanks for all who helped make 2008 a very, very good year for the Libertarian Party of Indiana and the Libertarian Party.

There was growth in so many different ways, not only in Indiana, but across the nation.

Partisan Libertarians are being elected (despite the rumblings of discontents who don’t want the Libertarian Party to be a true political party seeking to elect Libertarians to office).

Once again, here is the list of partisan Libertarians elected in Indiana (a fact conveniently overlooked by the naysayers who don’t want the Libertarian Party to succeed). Overall, 14 Libertarians have been elected to partisan office in Indiana. Here are their names, followed by their office, year(s) elected and term(s) of office:

(1). Mary Dufour, Jefferson Township Trustee, Washington County, 1998, 1999-02

(2). Zenith Caudill, Jefferson Township Advisory Board, Washington County, 1998, 1999-02

(3). Phil Miller, Greenfield City Council, 1999, 2000-03

(4). Darren Nolan, Universal City Council, 1999, 2000-03

(5). Gale Owen, Silver Lake City Council, 1999, 2000-03

(6). Edward Dilts, Needham Township Advisory Board, Johnson County, 2002, 2003-06

(7). Anita M. Amspaugh, Union City Clerk-Treasurer, 2003, 2004-07

(8). Susan Bell, Hagerstown Town Court Judge, 2003, 2007, 2004-11

(9). Susan K. Pyle, MD, Union City Council, 2003, 2004-07

(10). Russell Reichard, Union City Council, 2003, 2004-resigned 06

(11). Jay Thompson, Gosport Town Council, 2003, 2004-07

(12). Conley Tillson, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, 2006, 2007-10

(13). Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board, Henry County, 2006, 2007-10

(14). Michael Sloan, Pottawattamie Park Town Council, 2007, 2008-11

According to the bio posted on Rutherford’s blog, he [read more]

Update on the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus

The current incarnation of the LP radical caucus was created in 2006 by Susan Hogarth and other party members unhappy with the outcome of the 2006 party platform vote.

Radical Caucus Key Points

The Radical Caucus believes these four points are key strategic principles in furthering the work of the Libertarian Party toward, as our platform describes it, “a world set free in our lifetime”.

1. Rights Are Utilitarian The central commitment of the Libertarian Party should be to individual liberty. Our goal should be to illustrate convincingly that there is no essential separation between rights and utilitarianism – that is, the morally correct choice will always yield the most benefit for the greatest number of people.

2. Radical Abolitionism As the word radical means “going to the root” of something, radical Libertarians should not merely propose small changes to the status quo and debate the fine points of government policy with the opponents of freedom. Instead, Libertarians must always make clear that the outright removal of the injustice and interference of the State is our ultimate goal. Speaking from our basic principles avoids the quagmire of self-imposed, obligatory gradualism. Rather than offering compromise, we should demand what we really seek — a free society — and let our opponents offer the compromises.

3. Principled Populism The Libertarian Party should be a mass-participation party operating in the electoral arena and elsewhere, devoted to consistent libertarian principle, and committed to liberty and justice for all. The Libertarian Party should trust in and rely on individuals to welcome a program of liberty and justice and should always aim to convince people of the soundness of libertarian principles. Simply repeating our basic principles and not proposing transition measures is ineffective in the short run because only a small part of the populace is interested in liberty in the abstract, and hiding or abandoning our principled positions is ineffective in the long run because it fails to sustain us as a movement and attract and retain new Libertarians.

4. No Particular Order The removal of one harmful government policy should never be held hostage for the removal of another, as this throws self-imposed barriers in the path of liberty and removes potential pressures for change. For example, saying that borders may be opened only after welfare is eliminated is unacceptable; the proper position is to push for both changes. Should we succeed in achieving open borders only to find that welfare burdens are increased, this should be used as an additional argument to abolish welfare.


The LP Radical Caucus Believes

1. The Libertarian Party should support individual liberty because it’s the right thing to do, and because it’s the best way to benefit the greatest number of people.

2. The Libertarian Party is the only political party that traditionally advocates for real freedom from government interference. We should emphasize this revolutionary approach rather than watering it down with such uninspiring language as the current slogan “Smaller Government… Lower Taxes… More Freedom…” which is a de facto endorsement of the status quo.

3. Our language should inspire by reflecting our goals, not the compromises we may have to accept on the way to gaining them. The Libertarian Party should be active in all areas of the political sphere with the expectation that individuals who hear and understand our message of freedom and the steps we can take today to increase liberty will choose to join enthusiastically in our journey.

4. The Libertarian Party should always steadfastly oppose harmful government policies, regardless of any promise that supporting one bad policy will ensure that another is abolished.

The caucus maintains a members-only, moderated yahoo group. Until yesterday, the caucus also had a discussion group, meant to [read more]

UK Green Party Parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell: ‘allowing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s alternative Christmas message is aiding and abetting a homophobic tyrant’

From pinknews.co.uk:

Channel 4′s decision to allow Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver the Alternative Christmas message is aiding and abetting a homophobic tyrant says gay rights campaigner and Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Peter Tatchell.

President Ahmadinejad is a torturer and a murderer. His regime executes gay people, children, journalists, Sunni Muslims, political dissidents and ethnic minorities. This is the equivalent of giving Robert Mugabe a prime-time television slot to promote his propaganda. It is an insult to more than 100,000 Iranians who have been slaughtered since the Islamic fundamentalists seized power in 1979

Channel 4 should pull the plug on this criminal despot, who ranks with Robert Mugabe, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and the Burmese military junta as one of the world’s most bloody rulers.

Iran has the death penalty for same-sex relationships. US journalist Doug Ireland has documented the arrest, jailing, flogging and execution of gay Iranians:

Channel 4′s Controller of News and Current Affairs Dorothy Byrne together with the other Channel 4 executives would not being giving Ahmadinejad this propaganda coup if it was their partners or children who were being tortured in Evin prison, Tehran.

This Christmas in Iran, thousands of families are grief-stricken. Their loved ones have been jailed, tortured and executed. Instead of inviting one of them deliver The Alternative Christmas Message, Channel 4 is giving airtime to the man responsible for their loved ones’ suffering.

Continues at http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-10068.html

There is also a Green Party of Iran, an Iranian political party based in exile in Quebec, Canada. As a Green Party, it supports the basic world wide green values, and is one of the Iranian political parties that supports such issues as a [read more]

Merry Christmas from the Libertarian Party: ‘Will the feds bust Santa Claus?’

From the Libertarian Party email list

We at the Libertarian Party would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. We hope that you are truly blessed, and find comfort in families, friends and loved ones over the holidays.

To [read more]