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Green Party: Enacting a single-payer health care program will boost the ailing US economy


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Single-payer plan would remove the expensive burden of employer-based health coverage
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Green Party Watch reviews alternative party videos

Posted by Ronald Hardy at GPW:

YouTube and other online video sites have made releasing promotional videos for causes or candidates or parties a piece of cake. A number of people noted that Ralph Nader’s campaign was exceptional in the use of YouTube videos to promote his campaign. Many videos were put out over the last year for candidates, some of high quality, some hastily thrown together. Some were awesome, some were not so great.

With the Presidential election over, third parties seem to be inwardly focused on party building; the Green Party certainly is. The Green Party has a large financial debt, stagnant donor income, and the need and desire to reach out and broaden its base of support. Under the Obama administration Greens have a great opportunity to pick up support from the millions of liberals who are going to wake up and realize that they elected a Moderate Centrist, not a Leftist. How will the Green Party reach out to these disaffected voters? Is it left to the states to do that? Does a voter in Hoboken interested in the Green Party google “New Jersey Green Party” or “Green Party”? They look up “Green Party” – and the Green Party should be prepared to greet them warmly and welcome them to the fold.

GPUS should make a concerted effort to reach out to new voters and new members with creative, smart, appealing, funny, and short (120 seconds max) videos online. Perhaps a “video Contest” could be held encouraging Greens to submit videos with some kind of prize awarded to the best video. If a great high-quality video comes forward it could even be used to buy television ads at inexpensive slots in targeted regions of the country.

Below the fold I have posted some videos with commentary, some “green”, some from Third Parties.

This video below is from the Constitution Party from 2007. While it sets the Constitution Party message out clearly in just over one minute, it is rather boring and comes across like an infomercial.

This video from the Libertarian Party from a few months ago is both an issue piece on the bailout with a plug for Bob Barr. While the length is nice and short (38 seconds) it comes across looking like every other cheap political advertisement – panning photographs, annoying voice over, and a bad splice from the “Money” sample to the voice over.

As for the Green Party, there is a wide range of examples of both good and bad videos.

This video is from the UK Greens from April 2008. It is animated with various “greens on the street” commentary about the state of things. It gives a sense of “Yeah, I feel that way too” combined with some pretty decent animation that draws the key issues the UK Greens are focused on. At almost 3 minutes it is too long. It ends with a human speaking the message: “Vote Green on May the first and change everything, for good.” This wouldn’t be my first choice for message, but the video all in all is visually appealing and builds a connection between the viewer and the Green platform.

Now I love this next video called “Its about…” from the Ontario Greens circa 2007. There is no voice over, just a low impact music track, and just less than a minute. It is visually appealing in a way that subtly emphasizes the message – which ends with “Vote Green – and be the change you want to see”. By following a small child, who walks alone first on city roads then is finally skipping happily down a forest path, it suggests that the child is “our future” and we are on a journey that is ideally surrounded by trees not concrete. I like it.

This final video has to be included (and we could include many more). Featuring an original song by Some of All Parts written to promote the Cynthia McKinney / Rosa Clemente campaign, the video puts images up to match the music. While I have to confess that the actual video montage is just “okay” to me (and please don’t be offended!), it is the song that has the strongest appeal here and it is the song that carries both the 2008 GP message and the message of McKinney and Clemente. I forwarded this video to so many people this year, primarily to introduce people to our candidates through a great song, and to our issues through the accompanying video.

So what do you like in a political or movement video? What would appeal to you – or what would appeal to Americans? What could the Green Party do to support outreach through this medium? Do you have a favorite Green Party video?

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