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Classically liberal: The Libertarian Party is a walking corpse

Classically liberal explains

The (formerly) Libertarian Party has had a birthday. It is now 37 years old. In my view the LP is a zombie — the living dead. It walks and moves about but it is a corpse for all practical purposes.

LP National Chairman Bill Redpath has issued a list of promises that the LP has never backed down on — or so he says. Now, for the record, I have no personal grudges with Mr. Redpath. We have met socially and never had cross words. I know almost nothing about what he has done, or hasn’t done, as national chairman. But I do know what a debacle the national offices of the LP was and how corruptly it acted during the presidential nominating convention. And I have to hold the national chairman partially responsible for that. I don’t know if Mr. Redpath was a Barr supporter or not. So I have no known disputes with him behind what I’ve stated.

That said I found his list of LP pledges very disappointing. It was certainly redundant. He promised the LP would “promote free market alternatives” and “protect a free and competitive market”. He said the LP will let “you keep the money that you earn” and will “work towards the repeal of the income tax.” He promises to “fight for less government” and to “cut the size of government.” He is against “bailouts” and “subsidies”. He is saying the same thing several times and counting each new time as if it were another pledge.

I have no problems with what he pledges at all. He basically says: no bailouts; promote free markets; less government; no new taxes, etc. All good things I think.

But what is shocking is what Mr. Redpath has left out. There is not a single mention of the LP fighting the war on drugs. Of course they pushed a drug warrior for president in the great Denver sell-out. There is no mention of civil liberties of any kind. Mr. Redpath doesn’t mention anything outside the realm of economics. He wrote a list of promises that the ultra-Right John Birch Society could sign. There is no mention of foreign policy at all.

Apparently Mr. Redpath doesn’t want to pledge the party will support a non-interventionist foreign policy. Why? He doesn’t want to discuss government interference in marriage rights. Why? There is nothing about abortion, censorship, or sexual freedom. There is nothing offered that will appeal to anyone Left of Bob Barr, nothing for the millions of civil libertarians. Redpath’s pledge list is meant to appeal only to free market conservatives and no one else.

Has the (formerly) Libertarian Party given up on civil liberties and a non-interventionist foreign policy?

Mr. Redpath’s pledge list was another example of how the LP has become a Right-wing, conservative party and is no longer a libertarian one.

I can’t see him accidentally leaving off all references to civil liberties and foreign policy. This is not an oversight but appears to be a conscious decision to disassociate the LP from any policy that conservatives would find offensive. Mr. Redpath only confirms my reasons for disassociating myself from the LP. His lack of even a token reference to civil liberties speaks volumes.

Redpath’s list of promises:

* The Libertarian Party will never use your money to bailout private corporations

* The Libertarian Party will always promote free market alternatives to government action in the economy

* The Libertarian Party will [read more]

Howard Phillips makes members of CPNC angry with comment on Rep. John Hostettler

The Constitution Party National Committee meeting was addressed this past weekend by former Rep. John Hostettler. Former Rep. Hostettler recently wrote a book and addressed the Constitution Party on the same basic topics his book covers. After John Hostettler’s remarks, Howard Phillips, [read more]

Herb Titus: no constitutional foundation for new rules on domestic military engagement

By Kurt Nimmo. Found at The Congress blog

Bob Unruh writes for WorldNetDaily:

New rules published in the Federal Register would allow certain civilians to call American soldiers into action inside the U.S. to prevent environmental damage or respond to “special events” and “other domestic activities.”

The alarming warning is contained in proposed rules published last week for the Department of Defense’s “Defense Support of Civil Authorities” plan.

Under the U.S. Constitution, soldiers inside the country essentially are tasked with the responsibility of quelling “insurrections” and repelling invasions as well as making sure each state has access to the republican form of government.

But the new rules go far beyond that, essentially establishing a plan to activate the U.S. military inside the country to deal with social issues under provisions that appear to be devoid of any connection to the Constitution, according to an expert.

It is not explained what “special events” or “domestic activities” are but it does not take a lot of imagination to figure it out. The Pentagon, CIA, and FBI have spent billions and countless man hours [read more]