Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

Libertarians elected and re-elected to office

From http://www.lp.org/2008-general-election-results/all

Bob Mills Maine Biddeford City Council 301 votes 79.0% reelected

Bruce Reichert Florida Collier County Soil & Water Board Seat 1 ran unopposed

J. Adam Mitchell Florida Collier County Soil & Water Board Seat 4 ran [read more]

Oklahoma and Tennessee legislatures may now be more open to ballot access reform

Ballot Access News reports

As a result of the recent election, the Oklahoma and Tennessee legislatures, for the first time ever, are under Republican control in both houses.

During the last fifteen years, legislatures in both states have considered bills to ease ballot access for minor and new parties. In each case, the bills were introduced by Republican legislators, and the bills were always killed in committee. These legislative committees have always been chaired by Democrats. With control of legislative committees now passing to Republicans, it is plausible that ballot access reform bills have a chance of passing.

More generally, [read more]