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An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: ‘Video your vote’

In an email update from the organization Black Box Voting, voting rights activist Bev Harris informed her supporters of a few things:

-Another organization committed to a similar cause, called Video The Vote. You can sign up there to film voting on Election Day in order to make sure [read more]

Libertarian running for Congress elated by new poll, with caveats

An email from Joseph Buchman, a Libertarian running for Congress in Utah’s 1st congressional district:

The KSL/Deseret News Poll released today shows a 300 percent increase for Libertarian Joseph Geddes Buchman in just the last three days!

According to their report, 12 percent of likely voters are voting for Buchman For Congress.
Utah’s 1st Congressional District:
Rob Bishop … 60%
Morgan Bowen … 27%
Joseph Geddes Buchman … 12%
Kirk Pearson … 2%
Undecided/Refuse … 8%
(margin of error +/- 5%)

Just four days ago the Salt Lake Tribune Mason-Dixon poll indicated only 4 percent for Buchman.
That’s a record-breaking, never-before-in-the-history of federal campaigns, 300 percent, 3-day increase!!!
I’ve made history!
If that trend had continued for the next three days, I could have won this thing.
Unfortunately, it seems the Deseret News has published a typo.
In addition to misspelling my name (Jeseph — it’s Joseph) as well as the name of our Attorney General Candidate (Anderw — it’s Andrew), the results of the KSL/Deseret news poll total 109 percent.
Seems they could use a proofreader down there.
Still, while 12 percent wouldn’t win the election, it would send a LOUD message to the media, the politicians in DC, and the voters of Utah that Liberty and Principle matter more than Party.

And other news from [read more]

C. Faye Walters guest on Internet Radio show

C. Faye Walters will be the guest on Sunday’s (today!) edition of Green Party Watch Radio from 3 to 3:30 PM. The show will be archived at the same link.

C. Faye Walters is the Green Party nominee for Congress from South Carolina’s forth congressional district. Her campaign covers Greenville, Spartanburg and union Counties, and has seen [read more]

Trouble with voting? Call Ralph Nader

On Ralph Nader’s website, a new page has been added to help voters vote. It will help you find the nearest polling place, help you learn how to write Nader’s name in (where that is needed), show you sample ballots, help you check your registration (or register on Election Day), [read more]

A fight between an independent and a Democrat in the Maine race for US Senate

A press release from Herbert Hoffman, independent running to represent Maine in the Senate:

[read more]

A Socialist’s potential cabinet includes a few surprising choices

In a press release, Socialist Party candidate for president Brian Moore announced his first picks for cabinet members “if lightning strikes.” The diverse group of people included Mike Gravel for Secretary of State, Howard Zinn for Secretary of Labor, and the infamous Jeremiah [read more]

Court rules on Working Families ballot line in New York House race

The Hill reports: “A federal court ordered Alice Kryzan (D) not to appear as a third party candidate, potentially changing the game in New York’s hotly contested 26th district. A federal judge sided with New York Republicans and blocked Kryzan from appearing as the candidate [read more]