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Americans for Prosperity honors Ronald Reagan at tonight’s dinner

It’s been an exciting day here at the ‘Defending the American Dream’ summit in Washington, DC. A rally on Capitol Hill, training sessions for new media and bloggers, and then the main event of the evening… a huge dinner with numerous major [read more]

Update from Black Box Voting: Trouble with straight party voting and how you can help on Election Day

In email to supporters of the organization Black Box Voting, an organization devoted to fixing flaws in voting machines, informed them of votes being miscounted or not counted at all when the straight party option was chosen. The text of the email follows, along with a Youtube [read more]

Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle on the campaign trail

This past week has been full of travels for the Constitution party candidates Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle.

Chuck traveled to Wisconsin to attend the John Birch Society’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Video of Chuck’s speech can be seen on the JBS news page, as well as a summary of his main points.

On Friday, October 3 and Saturday, October 4, Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin and Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, respectively addressed the sold-out crowd at the celebration of the John Birch Society’s 50th Anniversary…

Rev. Baldwin also congratulated the JBS on its 50th anniversary and recalled the role the organization played in his life when, as a boy, he attended a chapter meeting with his father. In a rousing speech, he outlined what he would do if elected President, including saying, “John McCain will not secure the borders and Barack Obama will not secure the borders, but I guarantee that Chuck Baldwin will secure the borders. You can count on that!” He also pointed out that he disagrees with the major party candidates on international trade deals saying that while John McCain supports NAFTA, he wants to get rid of NAFTA.

“These so-called free trade deals are killing our country,” Baldwin said, noting that in Detroit an auto factory where he once worked is today, like many others, torn down. That, he said, would change if he were elected. “When Chuck Baldwin becomes president,” he promised, “We’re going to bring our jobs back to America.”

On [read more]

First impressions from the ‘Defending the American Dream’ Summit

I arrived at Reagan National Airport around 5pm today and made my way over to the hotel shuttle area. The Marriott shuttle arrived about 20 minutes later. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that there are three different Marriott brand hotels right [read more]

IPR 14-candidate presidential poll update

With just under 1,000 votes cast, the unscientific online IPR 14-candidate presidential poll stands as follows: Charles Jay (Boston Tea) 28.2%, Bob Barr (Libertarian) 17.7%, Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) 13.2%, John McCain (Republican) 8.0%, Ralph [read more]