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Mississippi Court rules that Socialist candidate Brian Moore missed a deadline that was not on the books

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On September 25, a U.S. District Court in Mississippi ruled against Brian Moore, in the lawsuit to place him on the ballot as the presidential nominee of the Natural Law Party. The issue was whether the state should have accepted his paperwork, which was submitted on the deadline [day] at 5:10 p.m. He plans to appeal. Thanks to Darcy Richardson for this news. The judge ruled orally from the bench; nothing is in writing yet.

In a phone conversation, Brian Moore explained that the office had told his paperwork deliverer that they would hold the doors open, and that the deliverer got there at 5:01 with people still there, but was not let in. The law in [read more]

Louisiana appeals decision that put Bob Barr on the ballot

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On September 25, Louisiana filed a notice of appeal with the 5th circuit, in the case over whether Bob Barr should be on the ballot. The issue is the deadline, and its relationship to the bad weather that closed the Secretary of State’s office during the first week in September. Since the state is appealing, Brian Moore (who, unlike Bob Barr, had not been given any relief by the U.S. District Court), can automatically cross-appeal in the same proceedings in the 5th circuit. The U.S. District Court still hasn’t issued its written opinion, so it is difficult to analyze all the issues. Also it is still murky as to whether the Reform Party has any chance for relief. The Reform Party was not part of the lawsuit but it has the same problem, and it (like the Libertarian Party) is a qualified party in Louisiana.

The court previously ruled that since, unlike the Libertarians, the Socialists are not a recognized party in Louisiana, the three day grace period does not apply to them. [read more]

Independent and Constitution Party candidates for Congress participate in debate

A press release from John Murphy, the independent candidate for Congress in PA’s 16th:

GAP, PA – On Tuesday, September 23rd WGAL-TV held a roundtable discussion in Gap, Pennsylvania moderated by reporter Anne Shannon. The television station invited all of the candidates for House of Representatives in the 16th congressional district to participate. The independent candidate, John Murphy, the Constitutional Party candidate Dan Frank and the Democrat Party candidate Bruce Slater were present and participated in a discussion of the issues most profoundly affecting the people of our nation and our district.

Conspicuous by his absence was the incumbent Mr. Pitts. WGAL-TV told the three candidates that while Mr. Pitts was invited, he refused to participate in this televised event with the three other candidates. Mr. Pitts consented to be interviewed individually but apparently had some hesitation about facing three candidates from three different political orientations, all of whom disagree strenuously with Mr. Pitts’ support of the Bush agenda.

While John Murphy, Dan Frank and Bruce Slater had differences of opinion on several issues, it was noteworthy that they all agreed that the occupation of Iraq must be brought to an end either immediately or very quickly, free trade agreements such as NAFTA which kill American jobs must be repealed, our civil liberties must be restored through the repeal of the USA Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act and that the bailout of the Wall Street robber barons, as proposed by the Bush administration, is an outrageous assault on the American taxpayer.

John Murphy said “this is not just corporate welfare run wild but it represents a form of state socialism — National Socialism or Fascism. It’s not the so-called welfare queens who are hurting America is the welfare kings on Wall Street who rip us off for hundreds of billions of dollars every year”. In fact the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in the 1940s said “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” All three candidates also expressed their opposition to corporatism.

John Murphy said that “Mr. Pitts, who promised to serve only five terms and is now running for his seventh term is not representative of the overwhelming majority of people in the 16th district. I understand nevertheless that Mr. Pitts will face the three of us in a debate being sponsored by the Berks County League of Women Voters in Reading, Pennsylvania on September 30. Since that debate will have a much smaller audience than WGAL, Mr. Pitts probably assumes that his campaign committee will be able to perform the necessary damage control when he is attacked from all areas of the political spectrum”.

John Murphy congratulated WGAL-TV for including both himself and the Constitutional Party candidate Dan Frank in this debate. According to the independent congressional candidate John Murphy, “two years ago the Lancaster County Rotary Club refused to allow me to participate in a debate against the two corporate parties. They told me I had no support even though I had submitted 7,000 signatures in order to obtain my position on the ballot and was endorsed by two county-level Green Parties, two county-level Libertarian Parties, the Reform Party of Pennsylvania and the new American Independent Party of Pennsylvania”.

(Full disclosure:Â I’m a volunteer for Murphy’s [read more]

Sheehan, supporters to take their bills to Federal Reserve

Independent Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan is calling on her supporters to join her outside the San Francisco Federal Reserve building to protest the impending financial industry bailout, and make some demands of their own. As announced in an email:

John McCain’s decided YESTERDAY to “stop campaigning” to work on the emergency $700 BILLION bailout of Corporations. These Corporations fund companies like Bear Sterns, and AIG Insurance. My opponent Nancy Pelosi has HALF A MILLION in stock invested in AIG alone, which is included in this “bail out”.

We’re told every day how much EACH AMERICAN owes to these very same fat cats! If a new injection of money (700 billion) is printed out of thin air AGAIN, that will only further devalue our dollar. That will also raise the already ridiculous sum of money that each American owes!

Do you want your children and grandchildren to bear this burden? Shall the unborn be subject to pay these debts being created, while our government only profits from this kind of activity? Are you ANGRY yet?


Join Cindy Sheehan in our call to action!
When: 9/25 4pm
Where: The Federal Reserve 101 Market St @Speer and 1st
Bring Signs asking..Where is MY Bailout??
Bring your Bills…
Let’s DEMAND Congress Pay OUR DEBT

In [read more]