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Constitution Party of Pennsylvania denied injunctive relief

The Constitution Party has been suing to get on the Pennsylvania ballot. An update from Ballot Access News:

On September 12, at 6:30 p.m., U.S. District Court Judge Yvette Kane denied injunctive relief to the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania. She said that it is possible the legislature had delegated authority to the State Elections Department to write a regulation setting a filing deadline. She also said that even if the Elections Department did not have authority from the legislature to do that, that setting aside the August 1 deadline would restore the old unconstitutional May deadline, and that would injure the other petitioning groups this year. The case is Baldwin v Cortes, 1:08cv-1626.
This lawsuit will have been beneficial, despite this disappointing outcome. Since the case only denied injunctive relief, not declaratory relief, it is still alive. It is very likely that regardless of what happens next in the lawsuit, the legislature will now understand how important it is to pass a bill setting a constitutional deadline. As noted in earlier posts on this matter, the old deadline was invalidated by two federal courts in 1984, and the legislature has ignored those 1984 decisions and has never replaced the old May deadline.

For the legally challenged among us (myself included), here are a few definitions that might help you to understand what the judge’s decision [read more]

What percentage of voters can vote for what percentage of candidates?

Two interesting posts at Ballot Access News revealed how many voters will be able to cast their vote for Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader.

According to Richard Winger,

Ralph Nader’s name will be on the ballot this year in states containing 85.2% of the national popular vote cast in 2004. This is far better than his 2004 showing, when he was only on before 50.1%. However, it is not as good as his 2000 showing, when he was on in 90.5% of the nation.

As for [read more]

Should there be multiple ‘freedom’ parties?

Some would say that the socialist movement is hopelessly fragmented. In addition to the Socialist Party USA, there are the Socialist Workers Party, the Socialist Equality Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the World Workers Party, and, to a lesser extent, the Green Party — in addition to countless smaller-yet socialist and Communist splinter groups.

Could the libertarian movement be headed [read more]

Nader campaign organizes money bomb for Constitution Day

At www.constitutionpledge.com, Ralph Nader supporters have been busy organizing a mass donation day and pledging to donate money that will go toward a candidate who they trust will uphold the Constitution.  Their goal is to raise $80,000 for Nader on September 17th. The money bomb is [read more]

Socialist Equality Party: write-in Jerry White/Bill Van Auken

The Socialist Equality Party has made a statement today announcing its selection of former Presidential nominees Jerry White and Bill Van Auken as it’s 2008 ticket for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency, respectively. According the party’s official internet [read more]

Gloria La Riva arrested outside of White House

Party for Socialism and Liberation Presidential nominee and National Committee to Free the Cuban Five Coordinator Gloria La Riva was arrested outside the White House Friday along with four colleagues from the Committee, the ANSWER Coalition, and the Venezuela Solidarity Network. The five arrested were attempting to deliver 102,000 petition signatures [read more]

Socialist Worker condemns Nader, McKinney for appearance with Paul

Writing for the Socialist Worker, columnist Alan Maass says appearing alongside “reactionary” Ron Paul and “crackpot” Chuck Baldwin was a “step backwards” for Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Maass says Nader and McKinney should have followed Bob Barr’s lead and “snubbed” [read more]

David Krikorian, independent for Congress, receives ‘surprise endorsement’ from Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police

David Krikorian, a promising independent running to represent Ohio’s 2nd district in Congress, won the endorsement of his local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police. A spokesperson for the group said, “[Krikorian] impressed the committee members in his [read more]