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Reason interviews Louisiana Taxpayers Party founder

Trent Hill, founder of the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and IPR correspondent, was recently interviewed by Reason Magazine’s David Weigel concerning the origins of the Ron Paul draft effort, a discussion of the controversial Louisiana Republican caucuses, and the disposition of their vice [read more]

Snubgate goes mainstream: WaPo says Barr went ‘hog wild’

Acting without just authority, interim Executive Director of the Libertarian Party Robert Kraus — who replaced the disgraced and resigned Shane Cory (who now works for the Barr campaign) — issued a statement saying that libertarians should not trust blogs for their news. He was unhappy with the way IPR, Last Free Voice, and LewRockwell.com [read more]

Independent faced off with major party opponents in Ohio Congressional debate

In Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, three candidates for Congress discussed the issues before an editorial board. Independent Don Eckhart, an evangelical endorsed by Ohio Right to Life, made the most impact with his comments on taxes and abortion.

“I’m the only one here [read more]

David Nolan: ‘The Barr campaign is over;’ support Munger, Straus instead

Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan, who has been a reluctant but consistent Barr supporter since he won the nomination in May, says the LP’s presidential campaign is over, as of yesterday. He encourages libertarians to support the candidacies of local candidates such as North [read more]

The Libertarian Party speaks out against third-party unity

LP spokesman Andrew Davis has this to say in opposition to Campaign for Liberty’s four-point libertarian agenda:

Perhaps it is the acrimonious environment of a two-party system, or simply a “strength in numbers” struggle that makes strange bedfellows [read more]

Adam Kokesh relays his experience at the National Press Club

Iraq War Veterans Against the War member and independent blogger Adam Kokesh has provided his own account of the events leading up to the public retraction of his endorsement of Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr:

Bob Barr just had to ruin it for everyone for his own selfish reasons. He had agreed to the platform, and agreed to be at the event, only to withdraw thirty minutes before it happened. There was an empty seat for him on the stage. Paul was gracious and kind, saying things like, “if he can make it,” but behind the scenes he was angry and hurt.

I went to Barr’s own press conference right afterwards still giving him the benefit of the doubt. I had hoped that he had a good reason for not being there that I was not aware of. Maybe he would say he had a personal issue. But instead, I sat there and listened to him prattle on about Ross Perot and getting votes and forcing policy issues and “principled leadership.” Then he asked Ron Paul to be his VP.

I was fuming. I had reservations about Barr before publicly endorsing him, but I even offered my support in a letter that was delivered through the LP staff which was ignored by the campaign. I thought his transformation was genuine and that it was a powerful sign for the LP to elect a newcomer, as if to say “we will embrace anyone who comes around to our principles.” Unfortunately, we picked Barr instead. He has since shown himself to not fully comprehend or endorse the philosophy, having praised the troop surge, argued for intervention in Iran and South America, and advocated a national sales tax. He has also run as far from the LP as possible, and there is still no link to the LP on his website. His lack of willingness to work with other people on key issues (issues any true libertarian would be passionate about) is very revealing.

Kokesh moves on to describe the scene where he and Barr campaign manager Russ Verney argued over [read more]

Lew Rockwell praises Nader, McKinney, Baldwin

Lew Rockwell says unity among the Green and Constitution parties — in a libertarian direction under Ron Paul — makes sense. The LP, of course, has chosen to sit out the left-right libertarian alliance.

“Let’s not forget that Nader and McKinney are [read more]

Gregory: Bob Barr campaign digs deeper hole; Woods: Verney’s statement ‘sheer stupidity’

“This is really amazing,” says LRC columnist and blogger Anthony Gregory, in reference to the Barr campaign’s recent pro-Bush/anti-Paul statement. “The same campaign that was willing to praise Jesse Helms, Al Gore and now George Bush, a campaign that has flip-flopped on global warming, gay marriage, the drug war [read more]