Daily Archives: August 21, 2008

More on Bloomberg-Paul vs. Baldwin-Castle

FWIW: A highly placed anonymous source confirms Richard Winger’s contention that the Independent Greens will replace the unlikely Michael Bloomberg / Ron Paul ticket with the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle. According to this source, the Indy [read more]

Winger: Bloomberg-Paul to be replaced by Baldwin-Castle in Virginia

Note: This story is based on reporting from Richard Winger of Ballot Access News. The report is being actively challenged by at least one leader of the VA Indy Greens.

Says Lew Rockwell: “All that talk of a Bloomberg-Paul ticket in Virginia turns out to be wrong. The [read more]

Zogby/WND: Nader 1.6%, Barr 1.2%, Keyes 0.7%, McKinney 0.2%, Baldwin 0.1%

A Zogby/WorldNetDaily poll of “1,205 adults, 93 percent of whom were registered voters,” conducted August 7-10 (+/- 2.9%) found Barack Obama leading the presidential race with 38.1%, followed by John McCain 33.6%, Ralph Nader 1.6%, Bob Barr 1.2%, [read more]

Constitution Party candidate to end Pennsylvania U.S. House run

Pennsylvania’s Bucks County Courier-Times reports Eighth District U.S. House candidate Jay Russell decided to end his Constitution Party run “two days before a hearing challenging his candidacy was set to take place.” Independent candidate Tom Lingenfelter “challenged [read more]