Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Libertarians drop Sonny Landham

On tonight’s Weekly Filibuster, Libertarian Party political director Sean Haugh revealed that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky is dissociating itself from Sonny Landham. He explained that the LPKY needed to wait until today to find out the ramifications for dissociating itself from Landham for the purpose of getting Barr/Root and LPKY on the ballot, since he was listed on the petition.… Read more ...

Pollina runs as an independent, Vermont Progressives react

Presumptive Vermont Progressive Party gubernatorial nominee Anthony Pollina announced last week that he would seek election not as the candidate of his party, but rather as an independent. As the Burlington Free Press put it, Pollina is hoping the change in labels will help him reach out to voters who simply can’t stomach what’s often considered the country’s currently most successful third party:

“Some people feel that the party label gets in the way,” Pollina said.

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Liberal Party picks new state chair, plots resurgence

The Liberal Party of New York, which lost its 58-year ballot access streak in 2002 when Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democratic Nominee, has a new State Chairman. According to a press release posted on the party’s homepage today, Vice-Chairman and long-time party activist Jack Olchin has acceeded to the chair following the resignation of its previous occupant:


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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on SPUSA annual picnic

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel comes an article on this past weekend’s Socialist Party USA annual picnic:

The picnic, now in its 111th year, drew about 50 people to Kern Park, where the food, of course, was potluck and the entertainment was the two-person band Eric Blowtorch and the Welders.

The crowd, many with graying hair, was mostly the party regulars, a group that looks increasingly quaint in today’s sharp-edged, fast-moving political world.

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MSU newspaper skeptical about McKinney’s chances

Michigan State University’s State News has a story about Green candidate Cynthia McKinney’s bid for the White House, under the pessimistic headline “Green Party Experiences Less Popularity With Recent Elections.” The story says the “nation’s most prominent third party” has nominated the ex-congresswoman, “but it remains to be seen if she will receive enough support to qualify for federal campaign funding.”

MSU history professor Kenneth Waltzer said, “There is a diminished interest in such third parties by people who know that elections count and elections have been close recently.… Read more ...

LP of Texas could play ‘kingmaker’ in legislative elections

The Austin American-Statesman interviews Libertarian Party of Texas Chairman Pat Dixon in a generally favorable piece today. The story says the LPT “is not ready to be king, but it expects to be kingmaker — or spoiler, depending upon your point of view — in the state’s most competitive legislative races this fall.” Dixon said, “It used to be nobody looked at us; now they are looking at us.… Read more ...

North Dakota independent’s campaign ‘falling into place’

North Dakota’s Grand Forks Herald reports independent gubernatorial candidate DuWayne Hendrickson says “his campaign is ‘falling into place.'” Hendrickson and running mate Dana Brandenburg have gathered 150 petition signatures; they need to submit 1,000 by September 5. Brandenburg “was Reform Party candidate for U.S. House in the 2000 primary and got 71 votes in the general election as a write-in.”