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Workers World Party formally endorses McKinney

The Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party has announced its formal endorsement of Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney:

McKinney’s campaign is Black-led, anti-imperialist, working-class-centered and has a multinational radical base with the potential of unlimited growth.

Of course, we believe that the struggle should not be confined to the electoral arena, especially as the capitalist ruling class completely dominates the electoral process. We must be in the streets fighting the war, fighting foreclosures and evictions, fighting in solidarity with immigrant workers, etc. However, Workers World believes that supporting the McKinney campaign is a step forward towards the path that the movement needs to take.

The editorial announcement spends a good deal of text addressing the topic of Barack Obama’s campaign, its electoral prospects and what the WWP expects would define an Obama presidency. [read more]

BreakTheMatrix: Bob Barr ‘taking action to defend Constitution’

In a statement issued last night, Bob Barr encouraged his supporters to join Accountability Now PAC in the PAC’s efforts to remove from power the key enablers of the “tyrannical and lawless FISA compromise.”

BreakTheMatrix, which sponsors the PAC, hailed Barr’s supportive statements as “an [read more]

Medill Reports covers Boston Tea, Prohibition parties

“Wait, other people are running for president?” a headline from an article in last Thursday’s Medill Reports sarcastically asks. “You wouldn’t know it, but yes, more than a dozen candidates are hoping to be the longshot winner who will upset the favorites.”

The [read more]

Bob Barr’s online dominance slipping; McKinney, Baldwin on the rise

Last month, IPR reported that Bob Barr received a staggering 57.69% of Google News hits for all the “major” (defined very loosely) third-party and independent candidates. This month, though Barr’s lead remains commanding, it has slipped noticeably to under 50%.

Independent Ralph Nader‘s position is relatively [read more]

Alan Augustson says Cynthia McKinney only appeals to ‘guilt-stricken white liberals’

“I was actively discouraged from my original presidential run, because GP didn’t want to counter the Democratic nominee with a white male,” says former Green presidential hopeful now running for Congress, Alan Augustson. “When I objected, it was implied that I was [read more]

Barr gets specific on Fannie/Freddie bail-out proposal: Give the Fed more power

“In the short-term,” Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr said in a press release, “government has little choice but to provide an explicit but limited loan guarantee, thereby capping the public’s liability, now widely assumed to be without [read more]