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Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report covers McKinney

Executive Editor Glen Ford writes at Black Agenda Report about the the McKinney / Clemente ticket. In a column titled “McKinney & Clemente: Black, Brown, Green and True”, Ford writes:

The Green Party’s brand new Cynthia McKinney-Rosa Clemente ticket is off and running, having captured an overwhelming proportion of delegates at the national convention, in Chicago. Two Black women, one a Latina, are challenged to garner five percent of the national vote while transforming the Greens “into a vehicle for 24-7 movement politics.” Former Georgia congresswoman McKinney vowed, “A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the movement that will turn this country right-side-up again.” Said Clemente, a Hip Hop political organizer: “I don’t see the Green Party as an alternative. I see it as an imperative.”

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Sponheim seeks presidency as write-in candidate

David Jon Sponheim of Washington State is running as a write-in presidential candidate as the representative of America’s Third Party, formerly called the Cool Rock Party. He has posted several YouTube videos promoting his candidacy, which focuses mainly on energy and environmental issues. [read more]

Nader congratulates McKinney on winning Green nomination

The Hartford Courant reports on its website that Ralph Nader “issued a congratulatory welcome to the new Green Party candidate who will surely be speaking to the same type of voters that would be drawn to the independent Nader. On the news that Cynthia McKinney [read more]

PSL completes Iowa petitioning effort

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has completed its petitiong in Iowa, collecting over 1,900 signatures in a state that requires 1,500. According to the latest release on the matter, petitioners recieved generally positive response during their drive:

Members of the Chicago branch of the PSL made weekend trips to Iowa City, Des Moines, Waterloo and Davenport to collect signatures.

The message put forward by PSL volunteers—that an alternative is needed to the program of war, racism and exploitation shared by the two dominant capitalist parties—was well received in Iowa. Many young people were eager to get involved in some way and were in agreement with a political program of peace, jobs, equality, health care, housing and socialism.

In every city where the PSL petitioned, there were dozens of people who expressed interest in a genuinely independent and fighting campaign.

As IPR noted earlier, the PSL’s [read more]

Charles Jay concurs with LP, disagrees with Barr: ‘Let Fannie/Freddie fail’

Boston Tea Party presidential candidate Charles Jay offers a different take on the Fannie/Freddie mess than the LP’s Bob Barr — who says the government “has to do something” to bail out the two floundering GSEs that effectively socialize risk while privatizing profit. In [read more]

Communist Party editorial addresses election 2008

The Communist Party USA has published an editorial today outlining its perspective on this year’s presidential election. Much like 2004′s position paper (published in clarification of a forgery distributed by opponents of John Kerry), +/2+/ stresses removing the “ultra-right” from power, and lavishes [read more]