Daily Archives: July 13, 2008

Historical pockets of support for third party and independent candidates

It’s interesting to look back through past election results and see how some third party candidates for President have done really well in small pockets of the country. Either because their message resonated or because they had personal ties to a [read more]

Barr fundraiser at Root’s ‘ostentatious’ mansion draws crowd of 25

The “25 or so” people who showed up for Bob Barr‘s Las Vegas fundraising event — hosted by Wayne Root at Root’s “ostentatious” mansion — were described by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as “mostly Libertarian Party stalwarts, including many who are running [read more]

BTP defector, Alden Link on Colo. ballot as nominees of Objectivist Party

Dr. Tom Stevens, the former vice-chair of the Boston Tea Party who abused his position of power to unilaterally delete a motion put forward by Tom Knapp, is on the ballot in Colorado as the presidential nominee of the Objectivist Party. Alden Link — who as a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential [read more]

New Hampshire could have two Libertarian presidential choices

New Hampshire’s Nashua Telegraph has a story this morning about how there may be two Libertarian options — Bob Barr and George Phillies — on the state’s presidential ballot. The newspaper notes Barr’s 10% poll showing in the state, and says that “with Phillies already earning [read more]

Boston Tea Party’s Charles Jay slams Bob Barr over Jesse Helms press release

“Recently, ultra-right wing moral conservative presidential candidate Bob Barr wrote a statement in effusive praise of ultra-right wing moral conservative racist former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms,” says Boston Tea Party presidential candidate Charles Jay at his campaign Web site. [read more]