Daily Archives: July 10, 2008

LRC reports Barr, who may not be on the ballot, at 10% in New Hampshire

LRC blogger Nick Bradley reports that Bob Barr is polling at 10% in New Hampshire. Apparently, no one told the pollsters, the pollees, or Bradley that Barr likely won’t even be on the ballot in the Granite State, in which the LP will be represented by George Phillies — a fact that was [read more]

Kevin Barrett charges incumbent-opponent with making ‘false and libelous statement’ about Iran/Israel

Kevin Barrett, who describes himself as “the peace candidate for Congress” against a pro-war Democratic incumbent in Wisconsin’s District 3, has written a letter to his incumbent-opponent, Representative Ron Kind, demanding that Kind retract what Barrett calls his [read more]

Socialist presidential candidate to debate ‘capitalist businessman’ tonight at 8:30, Eastern

Socialist Party USA presidential candidate Brian Moore will be debating “capitalist businessman” Rick Harper tonight on Millionaire Smackdown, a Web radio show.

The “capitalist” is billed as a man who “loves our system of government,” while Socialist Moore says “it’s unfair and [read more]

Libertarian Party, third-party and independent candidates for U.S. Senate react to FISA

In a press release issued yesterday, the Libertarian Party said Barack Obama had a chance to stand for liberty bud didn’t. “Civil liberties were violated, and only 28 senators cared to see justice served,” said Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis, “and Barack Obama was not one of [read more]