Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

Angela Keaton: ‘Anarchist Bitch’

LNC member and Liberated Space host Angela Keaton has started a new blog: Anarchist Bitch. She has decided to make all of her LNC correspondence public at the blog.

Her first post-convention blog entry alleges that Shane Cory manipulated fundraising results:

I was the second highest fund raiser last time. I realize that I was listed as third but that’s because Mr. Cory gave the points to Mr. Carling who claimed another’s fund raising solicitation as his own. Of course, the LNC does not require much of its members, such as upholding ethical standards.

In her second post, Ms. Keaton [read more]

Barkley: Ventura will run for Senate ‘if he feels like it’

Following up on his earlier Minnesota Post report, Doug Grow says ex-Sen. Dean Barkley won “that big Wednesday golf match” against ex-Gov. Jesse Ventura. “If you’ll recall,” Grow writes, “the winner of the match supposedly would NOT run for Senate as an [read more]

Texas LP convention this weekend

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the Libertarian Party of Texas will hold its convention in Fort Worth this weekend. Texas LP Executive Director Wes Benedict said about 125 people are expected to attend. Presidential nominee Bob Barr will address the meeting on Saturday.
The newspaper says third parties in the state “are required to [...] [read more]