Daily Archives: June 7, 2008

Constitution Party nominates Boyce for Congress in N.J.

New Jersey’s Cape May County Herald profiles Peter Boyce, the Constitution Party nominee for the Second District U.S. House seat in the state. Boyce “has been politically active for over 20 years. His efforts have been focused on motivating legislators to safeguard national security, to secure America’s energy self-sufficiency, and to reduce taxes by honoring their solemn oath to our sacred Constitution (which limits their expenditures to only that which is constitutionally authorized).” Independent Tom Fanslau, Democrat David Kurkowski, and Socialist Tino Rozzo are also seeking the seat, now held by Republican Frank LoBiando.… Read more ...

Gay newspaper covers ex-‘Public Enemy No. 1’ Barr

The Southern Voice, an Atlanta gay-themed alternative newspaper, has an 1,800-word piece on Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr’s evolution on gay issues. The story says Barr was “once gay Public Enemy No. 1 for the Defense of Marriage Act.” The story has quotes from several Georgia gays who remain critical of Barr, and also from Outright Libertarians Chair Rob Power, who “said while pleased with Barr’s change of heart on DOMA, he was disappointed to hear Barr wants to repeal only part of the law.”

Boston Tea Party Vice Chair Dr. Tom Stevens has resigned

Earlier this week, IPR reported on the controversy brewing within the Boston Tea Party surrounding a dispute between Vice Chair Tom Stevens and party founder Tom Knapp. Now, according to Todd Andrew Barrett, Dr. Stevens has resigned.

As of today, Saturday, June 7, 2008, national Vice Chair Dr. Tom
Stevens has officially resigned from the National Committee.

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Michigan Libertarian convention features pair of contested races; full slate of congressional and statewide candidates

The nomination for U.S. Senate was contested at today’s Michigan Libertarian Party convention. Leonard Schwartz, the 2006 nominee for the same office and 2008 vice-presidential hopeful, ran against seven-time Libertarian candidate, Scotty Boman.

Boman, an active Ron Paul supporter from the Detroit area, had been campaigning for the Senate nomination for the past two months.… Read more ...

LP’s Root called ‘patent hoarder’

A posting at Techdirt is critical of Libertarian vice presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root, saying Root “appears to be your garden variety patent hoarder who has been successfully forcing a bunch of online sports betting websites to pay up over a patent that seems to very broadly cover an online prediction market (a concept that has been both talked about and been around for quite some time).… Read more ...