Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

Takin’ it to the tube

With hundreds of millions to spend, the Democratic and Republican candidates can produce exceptionally slick ads. They can leave us with the impression that Barack Obama represents real change, instead of slum lords. It can leave us with the impression that McCain is against torture rather [read more]

‘Ron Paul billionaire’ to get behind Chuck Baldwin

Anonymous sources from inside the Baldwin campaign say that the famed “Ron Paul billionaire” — whose existence was confirmed by Stephen Gordon — is in negotiations to get behind Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin.
While the unknown benefactor, whom many still consider to be a hoax, allegedly sought to spend $50 million in a parallel campaign for Ron [...] [read more]

‘No real upheaval’ in Baldwin campaign

Third Party Watch reports potential “upheaval” within the Baldwin campaign. Our sources indicate that the “upheaval” consists of one individual — Tyler Simms — a Ron Paul grassroots organizer who has allegedly been upset with the alleged “micromanagement” of and “unilateral [read more]

Boston Tea Party: ‘About to implode’

At least one Boston Tea Party state affiliate has already imploded amid an erupting controversy at the nascent party’s Web site.

BTP founder and possible VP nominee Tom Knapp has suspended party vice-chair Dr. Tom Stevens’s Web administration privileges. This, after [read more]

A look at the Minnesota U.S. Senate race

As recently reported by IPR, Jesse Ventura is expected to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate “in the not-too-distant future.” However, it is not entirely clear if Ventura would do so as a candidate for the Independence Party — or as an unaffiliated, independent candidate.

Politics1 lists Ventura as a potential [read more]

Bob Barr: Don’t wreck the economy in the name of the environment

Three days ago, the Libertarian Party published a press release condemning the then pending Lieberman-Warner Senate bill, in which LP Media Coordinator Andrew Davis denounced the bill as an absurd attempt to micromanage the environment. Yesterday, Bob Barr issued his own press release on the [read more]

Jesse Ventura almost set to run

Jesse Ventura, whom some have speculated might run for the open U.S. Senate in Minnesota under the Independence Party label, is rumored to be hedging closer to a run.

As if the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota weren’t murky enough, sources close to former Governor Jesse Ventura confirm that he is all but certain to throw his hat into the ring in the not-too-distant future.

Ventura’s motivations appear to be a general (and widely shared) dissatisfaction with the state of the country, the partisan bickering between the GOP and the Democratic Party, and, closer to home, the likely pairing of Norman Coleman and Al Franken as the two major party alternatives. That Ventura also has a new book out on the stands may be another factor egging him on.

Ventura is still widely popular in Minnesota from his days as a maverick Governor. It had been reported here on IPR that if Ventura [read more]