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Róger Calero meets with workers in SF Bay area

Róger Calero, the presidential candidate of the Socialist Workers Party, met earlier this month with construction workers suing the Apartment Investment Management Company over allegations of racist workplace policies. In the current issue of the SWP newsletter The Militant:

“Your fight is setting an example, inspiring other workers who are hearing about it,” Calero told a group of carpenters gathered for a meeting May 12. “The bosses will continue to use rising unemployment and divide-and-rule tactics as a weapon against workers. Your struggle shows how when we fight collectively, these tactics will backfire on them.”

Calero said fights by workers to overcome divisions on the job and to resist the bosses’ attempts to drive down wages and conditions are part of the struggle to transform the unions into fighting instruments. “Out of such a transformed union movement, workers can forge a labor party that can fight for our broad interests in the political arena,” he said.

Calero also used the visit as an opportunity to meet [read more]

Nader’s call for Bush resignation to be broadcast on C-SPAN tonight

Independent/Independent Party candidate Ralph Nader appeared outside the White House earlier today to call for the resignation of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. According to ABC news’s Political Radar blog:

Nader said the President has, “dishonored the White House and brought a pattern of waste.”

“A wasteful defense is a weak defense and a weak defense, inspires waste,” Nader said.

Surrounded by a handful of supporters, holding signs which read “From Katrina to Iraq, Colossal Failure,” and “Resign Bush-Cheney, Like Nixon-Agnew,” Nader charged that the President and Vice President are currently committing five impeachable offenses, on a daily basis, including: criminal use of offense against Iraq; condoned and approved systematic torture; arresting thousands of Americans — denying them habeas corpus and violating attorney/client privilege; signing 800 signing statements, precluding the president from actually having to follow the laws he signs; and systematic spying on Americans without judicial approval.

Nader’s website notes that his statement will be [read more]

Debate preview to air tonight on C-SPAN

At 8pm tonight it looks like C-SPAN is planning to air something of a preview of the Libertarian Party’s Saturday debate. This is the programming blurb from their website…

David Weigel, Associate Editor for Reason Magazine, discusses the upcoming debate between the Libertarian Party’s presidential contenders. Weigel worked on USA Today and Campaign & Elections before writing about politics for Reason. Watch the Libertarian Convention on C-SPAN this weekend. Watch on C-SPAN at 8pm (ET)

This is just a discussion of the debate, but could make for interesting [read more]

Marcus Epstein on Barr and Baldwin

Marcus Epstein is the founder of the Robert Taft Club, the Executive Director of Pat Buchanan’s The American Cause and the Team America PAC. His most recent article at VDARE, an immigration reform website, speculates on the immigration records of Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin, and finally concludes:

I would be lying if I said that picking back up the standard of patriotic immigration reform would help Barr win the Libertarian Party nomination—anymore than it would it help him become president of La Raza.

But if he wants to attract the maximum number of dissafected Republicans, he should start sounding more like Tom Tancredo and less like John McCain.

As it is, it looks like the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin will have the patriotic immigration reform vote entirely to himself.

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