Washington Times Writes About LPEX, Which is Currently Going on in Las Vegas

Jennifer Harper

Posted to the The Washington Times

‘This is a coming out party’: Libertarians prepare for political war

By Jennifer Harper
May 28, 2015

Now underway at a splashy hotel in the glittering city of Las Vegas: The Libertarian Political Expo — LPEX — a fierce four-day event meant to ramp up the libertarian skill set in a complicated political marketplace.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Demand Freedom for Jailed Turkish Communists

PSL statement posted to Liberation News:

International Workers Day—popularly known as May Day and celebrated on May 1—in Turkey was marked with the brutal repression of the protests around the country by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its police.

In Istanbul, in an overt display of its ever-increasing fascism, AKP regime deployed twenty thousand riot police, sixty water cannons and 5500 barricades in order to stop hundreds of thousands from celebrating the May Day in Taksim Square.… Read more ...

Ohio Green Party Opposes “Better for Ohio” and “Responsible Ohio” Marijuana Proposals

potleafFrom the Green Party US website:

The Ohio Green Party has studied the five various marijuana legalization proposals that are currently being promoted in the State of Ohio.

We oppose two of these. The plans by “Better for Ohio” and “Responsible Ohio” both would create a limited numbers of growers in the state, in essence, both create a state-backed cartel.… Read more ...

Roger Stone May Seek Libertarian Party Nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida in 2016

Roger Stone

Roger Stone

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This story says Roger Stone has expressed an intent to be the Florida Libertarian Party’s U.S. Senate candidate in 2016. The story includes Stone’s announcement.

Stone’s announcement, posted to The Examiner (linked above) by Karl Dickey:

I want to thank the many Libertarians, liberty-minded Republicans and not a few progressives who have urged me to seek the Libertarian nomination for the US Senate in 2016.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry Calls for Ross Ulbricht to Be Pardoned

Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht

From Darryl W. Perry’s 2016 presidential campaign website:

In 2013 Ross Ulbricht was arrested for allegedly operating the black market website Silk Road. In early 2015 he was found convicted in what was essentially a kangaroo trial, where his attorney was prevented from presenting evidence of government corruption in the case, because of an ongoing investigation.… Read more ...

Collier County (Florida) Libertarians Support Rights of Local Sign Holders for Businesses

From Karl Dickey at The Examiner:

The Libertarian Party of Collier County announced today, May 27, 2015, their support of local business’ right to use sign holders to advertise their businesses. Collier County is growing due to the services and goods provided to everyone by small, family owned businesses that often times have little or no visibility.… Read more ...

Ohio Green Party Statement on the Acquittal of Officer Brelo

From the Green Party US website:

We are disappointed that the prosecution over-reached on the charge of voluntary manslaughter, a charge virtually impossible to prove given the numbers of officers involved and the number of bullets that were fired.

We are disappointed that the defense chose to portray Officer Brelo as a victim of “vicious” prosecution.… Read more ...

Nevada Bill Easing Petition Deadlines for New Parties and Non-Presidential Independent Candidates Passes Legislature

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On May 22, the Nevada Assembly passed SB 499, the bill that eases petition deadlines for newly-qualifying parties and non-presidential independent candidates. The bill now goes to the Governor.

The bill moves the petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties from April to June, and the independent candidate petition deadline (for office other than President) from February to June.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Is the NSA Bulk Collection Program Dead?

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

From Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Darryl W. Perry at Free Press Publications:

This has been an interesting month for the future of the NSA’s bulk collection of metadata. Near the beginning of the month, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled “The text of (Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act) cannot bear the weight the government asks us to assign to it, and … does not authorize the telephone metadata program.” However, the Court did not order the program to be halted citing the June 1 expiration date.… Read more ...

Who is Warren Redlich? What I do

Found in LinkedIn

Warren Redlich

Recent events made me aware that my friends don’t all know what I do for a living. That’s not your fault. It’s my job to let you know. Here’s a brief rundown so you’ll know what kinds of issues might be appropriate for a referral.

1. I’ve been a personal injury lawyer for 20 years.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Missouri: A Memorial Day Plea


Email blast from the Constitution Party of Missouri:

Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those who died defending the liberties of this country. In that vein, we need to act to protect what they died for; the sovereignty of the USA.

That statement may sound a little dramatic, but once you understand what just happened in Congress – – I think you’ll agree.… Read more ...

2015 Libertarian State Conventions (listing in progress III)

Wes Benedict

This month I am posting a clean repost of the LP state conventions listing being maintained by myself here and Wes Benedict at LP.org. The list both here at IPR and at LP.org is being periodically updated as we learn of more state convention announcements. At this point, though, we are not expecting a lot of additional announcements, as most of the states have already had their state conventions.… Read more ...