Harvard Crimson: Harvard Grad Jill Stein Faces Uphill Battle for Presidency

Daniel P. Wood writing in the Harvard Crimson (H/T Ballot Access News):

The last time that Jill Stein ’72-’73 ran for President of the United States, she was arrested at a national debate.

While fellow Harvard graduates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama took to the stage, Green Party candidate Stein was barred from the forum.

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Libertarian Party: Serious help needed for Oklahoma petition drive

Via LP.org blog and email blast:

Get paid $2.50 per signature, or please donate to help pay for signatures, or I’m sorry but we’ll have to shut this drive down permanently in about a week.

Thuggish behavior by police and security in Oklahoma has prevented our petitioners from getting access to public places to collect signatures.… Read more ...

November 2015 Open Thread

Our monthly open thread. Post news tips about alt parties and independent candidates, discuss any story that should be posted here but has not yet been posted, or even delve into completely off-topic stuff…just avoid quarantined thread subject matter and things that could get us and/or you into legal trouble such as threats, libel, and copyright infringement.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Black Friday could impact the future of money

2016 candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination Darryl W. Perry at fpp.cc:

Often called the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday was a little less so than in years past. Time reports that Black Friday sales at brick and mortar stores were down almost $1.2 billion from 2014, and Thanksgiving Day sales were also down slightly.… Read more ...

The Shelbyville News: Politician asks for lawsuit against state of Indiana to continue

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.44.11 PM

From the Shelbyville News, original article to be found here.

The battle continues for a man who has run numerous times for political office and finds himself in the greatest battle of his career.

Andrew Horning, who has run for office both on state and federal levels in the past as a Libertarian and Republican, is hopeful the U.S.… Read more ...

Green Party of Washington’s Jody Grage Discusses COP21 with Iran’s PressTV

From Peter Orvetti at Green Party Watch:

Green Party of Washington State Vice Chair Jody Grage was interviewed by Iran’s PressTV about demonstrations at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that begins Monday in Paris.

Grage said Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “will be at COP21 as well as some of the Global Greens.… Read more ...

Mark Wachtler: Working Families Party Turns Issues into Results

The WFP’s Wildaliz Bermudez will join 2 incumbent WFP members on the Hartford, CT City Council after her election victory earlier this month. Image courtesy of IdentidadLatina.com.

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

The Working Families Party doesn’t hesitate to enlist the old strategy of flooding another Party’s candidate with WFP support and votes.… Read more ...

Martin O’Malley and Jill Stein Likely to be the Only Presidential Candidates Who Will Receive Public Funding in January 2016

Jill Stein

Jill Stein

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Presidential candidates are free to be raising money now so as to qualify for primary season matching funds. However, the FEC won’t release any such funds until January 4, 2016. It seems likely that in January, two presidential candidates will start receiving the funds.… Read more ...

Adam Dick: President Ventura?

Jesse Ventura

From Adam Dick at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (submitted to IPR for publication):

May former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura announce in March his candidacy for president of the United States? According to a new discussion of Ventura and Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano on Ora TV, Ventura’s decision regarding a presidential run will largely depend on what happens in the early primaries and caucuses of the Republican and Democratic Parties.… Read more ...