Green Party Watch: Three MA Greens qualify for 2014 state ballot

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party via Green Party Watch:

Three new names will appear statewide on the November 4 state election ballot following the delivery today of certified signature sheets to state offices in Boston, Fall River, and Springfield. The signatures were collected by an all-volunteer team on behalf of three Green-Rainbow Party candidates running for Secretary, State Treasurer, and State Auditor.… Read more ...


Gary Johnson: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Email from Our America Initiative:


In recent days, the news media captured an image of school children chanting “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” while riding on a school bus in Missouri. Their gesture, of course, is a response to the alarming events in Ferguson.

That image carries a message that cuts much deeper than those children likely realize: We have reached a point at which too many Americans feel threatened by their own government, whether it be federal agencies or local law enforcement deploying armored tactical vehicles supplied by the military.… Read more ...

Louisiana Libertarians: Closing in on 10,000 Registered Voters; Candidates Officially Qualify for Ballot


Wendy Adams via Facebook:

***LESS THAN 300 TO GO BEFORE WE HIT 10,0000!!!***

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is approaching 10,000 members. As of today we are at 9713 registered Libertarians! If you are dissatisfied with the two-party system and you believe in Liberty and Freedom and reducing the size and intrusiveness of the government by getting back to following the Constitution, then join the Libertarians TODAY!… Read more ...

Alaska Holds Contested Primary for Libertarian, Alaskan Independence Parties

Ballot Access News:

Alaska held primaries on August 19. For U.S. Senate, three Libertarians appeared on the ballot, and two members of the Alaskan Independence Party appeared on the ballot. Here is a link to the unofficial returns.

The vote for the three Libertarians was: Thom M. Walker 2,588; Mark S.… Read more ...

August 2014 Open Thread

Our monthly open thread. Post news tips about alt parties and independent candidates, discuss any story that should be posted here but has not yet been posted, or even delve into completely off-topic stuff….just avoid quarantined thread subject matter and things that could get us and/or you into legal trouble such as threats, libel, and copyright infringement.… Read more ...

Open thread for LNC discussions and updates: August 2014

No, not that LNC

This is the thread for our readers to discuss the latest news from and about the LNC. I meant to write up the main points of what happened since I posted the last one of these last month, and one of our other writers still can if so inclined, but I don’t have the time and energy to do it and besides, the main point of these posts is the comment section anyway, so here you go…have at it.… Read more ...

Mark Axinn: 30,000 New Yorkers Support Libertarians on the Ballot

Mike McDermott
LPNY Governor Candidate Mike McDermott with 3200 pages of petition

Libertarian Party of New York

P.O. Box 728, Bellport, NY 11713

30,000 New Yorkers Support Libertarians on the Ballot

Media Contact: Mark N. Axinn


Albany, NY (August 20, 2014)—The Libertarian Party of New York submitted over 30,000 signaturesTuesday to afford New Yorkers an alternative to the failed policies of the two major parties.… Read more ...

Reform Party of North Carolina Announces 2014 Endorsements

Press Release from the Reform Party website:

The Reform Party of North Carolina announced that it will endorse four write in candidates for the upcoming 2014 elections. Since the party was refounded only a few months ago, it did not have the time to recruit candidates before the deadlines closed to file for the November elections.… Read more ...

Seven Candidates Likely to be on New York November Ballot for Governor

From Ballot Access News:

August 19 is the petition deadline for New York independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, for state office. Here is a link to the petitions filed for the November ballot. It seems likely that there will be seven candidates on the November ballot for Governor: Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo; Republican Rob Astorino Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins; Libertarian Michael McDermott; the nominee of the Sapient Party, Steven Cohn; Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party; and Michael Carey of the Life & Justice Party..… Read more ...

Masturbators Ontario political party name rejected


Antonella Artuso in the Toronto Sun:

According to its 2012/13 annual report, the most recent available, Chief Electoral Officer Greg Essensa refused to put a check mark beside the request for a Masturbators Political Party of Ontario, or as it would have been known in its abbreviated form, Masturbators.

Michael Luba at True North Times:

Ontario has gone to the dogs—and not because they do a better job with peanut butter than most people can do with their hands.

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